Dear Rotarians


Dear President of the Club,

Dear Rotarians,

On 15 March 2015, our RC Wrocław-Panorama Rotary International District 2230 Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, together with RC Berlin Brücke der Einheit Rotary International District 1940 Germany, established:

 “Rotary International Training Centre (RITC)  Sława - Poland
at Fundacja Jezioro Sławskie –Sławski Klub Żeglarski – Sława“

                                       The partners of the project are:
- Federacja Szkół Żeglarskich ISSA ,
- Flota Giżycko [Giżycko Fleet] – Poland – the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians - (IYFR).

                    The honorary patronage at the time of establishment of RITC was taken by:
- Commodore of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians - Sergio Santini, 2013-2015
- Mayor of the Town of Sława - Cezary Sadrakuła,

 and subsequently;
- Governor of District 2230 Poland, Belarus Ukraine - Barbara Pawlisz ,
- Governor of District 1940 Germany – Gerhard Lintner,
- Commodore of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians –Jesus (Jun) Avecilla (the Philippines) 2015-2017,

- Rear Commodore of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians- Robert Burns (Bob) (Scotland) 2013 – 2017.

The aim of the concluded agreement is to promote and organise the comprehensive development of the community, and especially social, information, cultural, scientific, educational, sports, sailing and rehabilitation activities for the development of local and global democracy, and bring together local communities of countries across Europe and worldwide through joint action.

The main objectives of the Rotary International Training Centre include taking public benefit actions through the promotion of physical culture, sport, recreation, integration, youth exchange, in particular sailing, and the organisation of active recreation and training for children, youth and adults implemented by:

  1. taking actions to ensure the physical and mental development, education, ability and fitness improvement for the preservation of human health, the development of positive character and personality traits and through participation in the performance of sports, recreational and integration tasks,
  2. planning and organising sporting life- sailing, recreational, integration, on the basis of facility and equipment capabilities, and organisational and material support of parents, sympathisers, donors, members of the Club, co-founders- the Partners of RITC Sława, as well as Rotary organisations around the world,
  3. involving all Club members, sympathisers and donors, and the Partners of RITC Sława in various forms of physical activity, games and activities suited to age, the level of fitness and development and sports interests,
  4. participating in sports, recreational and integration events organised in the territory of the Local Government’s activity and beyond it as part of statutory activities of the Club, as well as in consultation with the Partners of RITC Sława,
  5. organising external and internal events and sports, recreational and integration activities for children, young people and adults for the comprehensive development of their physical and mental capacity, as well as the prevention of social pathologies,
  6. organising sports, recreational and integration activities with particular regard to health functions,
  7. participation of all Partners in the extension and maintenance of sports and sailing facilities and equipment and other in the possession of the Club,
  8. recruiting children from primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education and adults, selection and sports training in sailing preparing for participation in sports competition, as well as participation in these sports, integration and recreational events, and the annual announcement of the recruitment of young people in the world list of Rotary International as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), in particular the Rotarian Short-Term (ST) Exchange,
  9. as part of international youth exchange on the basis of Rotary contacts of the Partners of RC Wrocław Panorama and RC Berlin Brücke der Einheit, 
  10. active promoting sailing, sports and rehabilitation activities and training among disabled children and young people, as well as organising activities in this field for those young people,
  11. preparing and improving directing and coaching staff for organising activities, competitions and sports events,
  12. organising training, camps and training sessions in the field of sailing, sports, rehabilitation and other associated with the objectives of the Foundation, as well as conducting appropriate examinations in this regard and issuing relevant qualification documents to the issue of which the Foundation will have the rights, inter alia, granted by the Partner- International Sailing Schools Association- Federacja Szkół Żeglarskich ISSA,
  13. initiating and supporting innovative solutions in various areas of social life, and in particular in the protection of human and citizen rights and freedoms, the protection of family life and social prevention through the promotion of the idea of family and social mediation,
  14. activities for organisations whose statutory objectives is scientific, scientific and technical, educational, and cultural activities, and activities in the field of physical culture and sport, environmental protection, charity, health care and social assistance and occupational rehabilitation.
  15. Conducted sailing courses will be completed by examinations and ISSA international documents confirming the fact of obtaining certificates of relevant degrees will be issued.

    On behalf of the organisers RC Wrocław-Panorama and RC Berlin Brücke der Einheit, we would like to ask you to join the implementation of the Global Grant, or support our initiative by making a payment to one of our bank accounts.


    PL  70 2030 0045 1110 0000 0299 7600   ----- account in zloty PLN

    PL  02 2030 0045 3110 0000 0034 4620  -----  account in dollars  $

    PL  23 2030 0045 3110 0000 0034 4630  ------ account in euro   €


    Rotary greetings.

           President of the Club

    Prof. Barbara Gronostajska

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